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Poland Today, an award-winning English-language media company, has been covering this developing story for the world’s eyes through print, digital, film and events since 2012. Our leading journalists and experts strive to fill the information gap between outside perception and the reality on the ground in Poland.

Our goal is to bring Poland to the world and the world to Poland. And as a team of Poles and non-Poles conversant in both worlds, we are uniquely placed to ensure that the exchange between Poland and the international business community is clear and productive.

Business and economics is our main focus. But no economic narrative would be complete without an exploration of the society from which it springs, meaning articles on history, art and sport share space with industry analysis and economic reports. For this reason, our audience is unique in its breadth and depth.

Through our content platform and events, we engage with business leaders, investors, policymakers, diplomats and opinion formers from multiple industries and backgrounds, both in Poland and around the world, including the 20-million-strong Polish diaspora.  

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